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What to expect

Cleveland's only Virtual reality Arena

Put on the VR headset, strap into the backpack and pickup the controller. You and your friends are about to be transported into the virtual world.

Once in, you’re free to move and explore as you please – comfortably and naturally, just like you do in the real world. You’re completely untethered. There aren’t any wires or walls to get in the way of your virtual reality adventures.

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$50 Per person / 1-8 players

One 45 minute session includes a 15 minute mission briefing and up to a 30 minute game. It is best to book at least one week in advance. For groups larger than 8, please contact our events planner.

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You (and a gang of up to seven pals) are in tropical paradise. Blue skies, sparkling waters. This is the best vacation of your life! Until you get captured by maniacal villain Vaas and his pirates, who are restless and hungry for entertainment. You’re about to be cut loose – and hunted for sport.

Rated PG-13 for language and violence.

Sol raiders

Earth is gone… The last remnants of humanity are traveling the universe in search of new worlds and energy. Sol is a power source unlike any other and your  team must collect it in order to survive. Assemble your squad and prepare to raid in this Player VS Player game!

This is blistering battle across three futuristic maps. Game play centers around unique objectives, heart-pounding engagements and straight up warfare. The winners make the grade, while the losers become scrap metal.

Undead Arena

The apocalypse has come and gone. Things are back to normal. Survivors band together and live in fortified cities, and zombies are everywhere. There’s that reality TV show everybody watches where you can get rich and become a star.. or die a horrible death and become an actual zombie.


A deadly virus is wreaking havoc on society. This plague is creating hordes of zombies and they are infesting every major city. You, and your special forces unit, must fight through the undead while trying to find the organization behind the infection.

During this mission you will be armed with a variety of weapons. Use assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles to eliminate targets, while you take advantage of more powerful weapons along the way. Fight for a cure or become one of the contaminated!


You and your team are sent to investigate a secretive military research space station that has gone dark. No life signs have been detected and only the defensive robots remain. Something is very wrong. Battle through robots, killer drones, and gun turrets as you explore the narrow corridors, lifts and, zero-gravity environment of the space station to find the answers. But don’t worry, gravity boots keep your feet firmly planted on the floor (or the walls). Use strategy to determine which of the four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun) to use on which enemy.


You will enter the ancient, alien world of Engineerium where gravity is not as it seems. This is the fun, puzzling virtual reality walking journey that will transport you into the virtual world where you work to gain control of both your mind and body.

vr Gear & Technology

No wires attached. A fully immersive, free-roam experience.


Designed to complete the immersive gaming experience, giving you pinpoint accuracy to interact with the virtual world.

VR Headset

Get ready for reality-altering graphic detail with immersive spatial sound, for deep immersion and team communications.


Minimum Height

You must be at least 50 inches tall.


Boss VR is not recommended for women that are pregnant or those that have a heart conditions.


The Boss VR equipment requires full use of both hands in 360° motion.


You will need to be able to walk around, unassisted for a long period of time.